Friday, February 18, 2011

Protest Midway Perkins at noon tomorrow!

Recently a member in the community was tazed 4 times by security when accessing a public restroom at Midway Perkins in St. Paul. The victim was not threatening and did nothing wrong! Our community has experienced transphobia and bathroom-policing at this Perkins before, and this action was completely unacceptable.
We are protesting Perkins for their absolute inappropriate use of power!

Join us this Saturday at noon at the Midway Perkins in St. Paul to let them and their customers know this behavior is NOT acceptable!

You can help by being there. Spreading the word to others and help get people there. Make signs that refer to: Bathrooms are a necessity and need to be accessible to all! Bring Cameras. Take pictures/video. Post them.

This is just wrong!

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